Most common questions & answers are here:

How long does it take to mix coins ?

Bitcoin mixing in general is processed almost instantly (only blockchain transaction confirmation delay). The is no other delay as we have a high reserve (currently 2108.92 BTC).

How to increasy my Bitcoin wallet anonymity ?

In order to prevent a time-based blockchain analysis, we highly recommend to use Mixing Rounds (it also includes a time delay) for every address to receive your BTC. Bitcoins will be mixed and send to you according to the mixing rounds / time frame delay.

Where are your servers located ? servers are located in Panama - an offshore country.
IP: Location: Provincia de Veraguas, Panama (PA)

I closed the browser before getting confirmation of my transfer

No worries. No need to keep page opened. We process all transfers automatically according to your order.

How long is incoming address valid for?

It is valid for 20 hours only. All your orders are deleted after 20 hours and all futher payments to "expired walled" will be ignored.

How multiple forward address system works ?

When you add multiple wallets for mixing, they will be randomly shared between these wallets.
For example when you add 3 forward wallets, you may receive on 1st - 10%, on 2nd 64% and on 3rd 26%, or 35/15/50% etc.

Do you keep logs ?

We do not keep any logs.

What is the minimal transaction size?

We highly recommend to send transactions not lower than 0.05 BTC. Smaller amounts will be ignored.

What is exactly the Service Fee ?

If attacker knows service fee, he can analyse blockchain to find exact sum transferred and discover your destination account.
We highly recommend to set a custom fee (higher - better), a time-frame delay combined with multiple forward adresses.

What is the minimal fee ?

Currently the minimal fee is 1.5%

How fast is your support / assistance in case of questions ?

We have an online chat, if support is online - answer will be provided almost instantly.
Average time of response to the e-mail request is 45 min but may take up to 10 hours.
Please note that if you have an exchange delay - it is only due to blockchain transaction confirmation delay.

Amazing Features & High Anonymity

Clean Work

We will quickly clean up all your bitcoins in no time, minimal fees will be applied.

Bullet Proof Offshore Anonymity

We offer a high level anonymity for you. Our servers are located in Panama.

Time Frame Delay

We can offer a time delay option between your exchanges up to 20H for additional privacy.

Need Support?

We offer a 1st class premium 24/7 support. Any probmem ? Just write us back and we will answer you in no time.

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